Finding Arcadia


The second book of my Raising Arcadia trilogy is now available worldwide!

To understand the present, Arcadia Greentree must dig deep into her past.

Her family torn apart by tragedy, Arcadia tries to locate the “professor” whom she believes to be ultimately responsible. A series of clues lead her to Oxford University and a confrontation with her enemy—but all is not as it seems.

Advance Praise

“Packed with intellectual puzzles, the taut chain of events invites the reader’s participation every step of the way. This subtle, intriguing novel raises the bar for young adult contemporary fiction. When we enter the world of our brilliant teenage protagonist with all its attendant mysteries—who is Arcadia? Who is our killer?—we are reminded that the present, viewed keenly, holds all the keys to the past. This book is impossible to put down.”

Michelle Martin, Radio Personality, Host of Talking Books



Reviews of Raising Arcadia

“A 16-year-old girl detective stars in a mystery paying tribute to Sherlock Holmes… This series opener is pleasurably packed with clever, solvable, well-explained puzzles; hits the spot for a mystery lover” — Kirkus Reviews

“Peppered with codes, puzzles and shocking twists” — The Straits Times

“First-time novelist Chesterman creates an engrossing story that keeps readers chasing the truth. … Fans of quirky protagonists, puzzling mysteries, and spy craft will enjoy this” – School Library Journal

Reviews of Finding Arcadia

“In the second instalment of National University of Singapore law dean Chesterman’s gripping young adult trilogy, 16-year-old genius Arcadia Greentree must follow a string of clues and puzzles to Oxford University to find the person responsible for the tragedy that tore her family apart.” — The Straits Times

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The Raising Arcadia trilogy is about a teenager but for everyone. Please tell your friends and relatives about it, share on your social media forum of choice — convenient buttons are found below — and leave comments here and elsewhere to tell me what you think of the books. (For some of my own thoughts about writing the series, you can read my piece in Singapore’s Straits Times here. You might also enjoy the profile of the “Law dean turned novelist” here.)

I hope you have as much fun reading the novels as I had writing them!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped launch Finding Arcadia at the Singapore Writers Festival!

Singapore Writers Festival 2016

Singapore Writers Festival 2016