Data Protection Law in Singapore (2nd edition)

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The adoption of the Personal Data Protection Act transformed the legal regime for data protection in Singapore. This book explains the history and evolution of data protection in Singapore, highlights issues that are being worked out in practice, and derives lessons that Singapore can learn from other jurisdictions – and that other jurisdictions can learn from Singapore. Bringing together leading scholars and practitioners in the field, the book will be of interest to the academic, legal and business communities. Key questions include how to reconcile notions of privacy in an information age, and how national laws can regulate an increasingly interconnected world.

The second edition includes new chapters examining how the legislation has kept pace with technological change and how individual rights have been balanced against business interests in the course of enforcing the law. It also has specialist chapters on image rights and data protection, as well as new chapters on accountability and cross-border transfers and enforcement.

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From the Foreword

“This book comes at a time when we are embarking on a review of the PDPA to keep abreast of technological advancements and global developments. Our data protection regime must evolve in tandem with emerging issues such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and multilateral frameworks for crossborder data flows. … I congratulate the authors and publishers on their timely contribution to the national and global discourse on this important subject.”

—S Iswaran, Minister for Communications and Information


Foreword, by S Iswaran, Minister for Communications and Information

Chapter 1 – Introduction, by Simon Chesterman

Part I: The Changing Context

Chapter 2 — From Privacy to Data Protection, by Simon Chesterman

Chapter 3 — The Online World and the Offline World, by Tan Cheng Han SC

Chapter 4 — Data Protection Law and Privacy in Singapore, by Lanx Goh & Jansen Aw

Chapter 5 — Data Protection and New Technologies, by Steve Tan

Part II: In Practice

Chapter 6 — A Practitioner’s Perspective, by Bryan Tan

Chapter 7 — Data Intermediaries and Data Breaches, by Daniel Seng

Chapter 8 — Data Protection in the Employment Setting, by Hannah Lim Yee Fen

Chapter 9 — Image Rights and Data Protection, by David Tan

Chapter 10 — The Do Not Call Registry, by Warren B Chik

Part III: New Frontiers

Chapter 11 — From Compliance to Accountability, by Yeong Zee Kin

Chapter 12 — Cross-Border Issues in Data Protection, by David N Alfred & Lanx Goh

Chapter 13 — Malaysia’s Data Protection Law, by Abu Bakar Munir

Chapter 14 — Data Privacy in Asia, by Graham Greenleaf

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