Law and Technology in Singapore

The increasing importance of technology in the practice and content of law can hardly be overstated. The practice of law is now fused with technology; law firms are digitising at a rate that can only increase. At the same time, the content of law is having to adapt: courts are being asked whether an app can provide “legal advice”, whether intangibles like cryptocurrencies are property, and whether a transaction wholly concluded by algorithms can be avoided on the basis of mistake. How do you stay relevant if you haven’t kept abreast of issues emerging now and in the near future?

This primer by experts in their respective fields offers students and practitioners an overview of the relevant technologies, a survey of their impact on the content of law today, and a window into future issues that may arise  as well as some of the potential solutions.

The text is meant to be accessible to students and practitioners, as well as to interested laypersons. The authors have strived to be clear and avoid unnecessary jargon  simple, but not simplistic.

All told, the book offers an authoritative and comprehensive account of law and technology in Singapore and beyond. It is a handy and versatile text which will aid you in identifying the core competencies that will help you succeed, and will acquaint you with the changes that have happened and will happen.


Simon Chesterman
Goh Yihan
Andrew Phang Boon Leong


Aedit Abdullah
Kumaralingam Amirthalingam
Sandra Annette Booysen
Gary Chan Kok Yew
Leslie Chew
Warren B Chik
Matthew Choo Hou Chong
Eunice Chua
Aurelio Gurrea-Martínez
Hon Yi
Hu Ying
Pearlie Koh
Lau Kwan Ho
Josh Lee Kok Thong
Lee Pey Woan
Lim How Khang
Hannah Yee-Fen Lim
Ng-Loy Wee Loon
Christopher Ong Siu Jin
Vincent Ooi
Jeffrey Pinsler
Dorcas Quek Anderson
Alvin W-L See
Daniel Seng
Jerrold Soh Tsin Howe
Rajesh Sreenivasan
Thiagesh Sukumaran
David Tan
Tan Ken Hwee
Thio Li-ann
Hans Tjio
Gregory Vijayendran
Eleanor Wong
Yeo Hwee Ying
Yeo Tiong Min
Yeong Zee Kin
Yip Man


Chapter 1        Introduction
Chapter 2        An Introduction to the Relevant Technologies
Chapter 3        Information and Communications Technology and Singapore Law
Chapter 4        Regulation of Technology
Chapter 5        Practice of Law – Courts
Chapter 6        Technology and the Legal Profession
Chapter 7        The Practice of Law
Chapter 8        Legal Education
Chapter 9        Contract Law
Chapter 10      Tort Law
Chapter 11      Trusts of Cryptoassets and Data Trusts
Chapter 12      When Property Law Meets Blockchain
Chapter 13      Banking Law
Chapter 14      Company Law
Chapter 15      Financial Regulation
Chapter 16      Intellectual Property
Chapter 17      Impact of Digital Innovation on Insurance Law
Chapter 18      Tax Law
Chapter 19      Criminal Law and Procedure
Chapter 20      Civil Procedure
Chapter 21      Conflict of Laws
Chapter 22      Data Protection Law
Chapter 23      Electronic Evidence
Chapter 24      Public Law

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